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Welcome to Kukusanya (Pty) Ltd


We have a small farm, 24ha on the Northern foothill of the Waterberg (Gauteng) just West of Pretoria. With the scenic Magaliesberg mountain range to our North and the Hartebeespoort Dam to our West. We still have free roaming game on the mountain from small game such as Duiker, Mountain Reedbuck and Impala to bigger game such as Kudu and even Giraffe.



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We obtained the farm in 2015 and started with development of the land from the word go. Being lovers of animals and nature we decided to take the free range route, specifically free range chickens. We started researching this and got our first breeding stock early 2017. We made sure we selected the best breeds for free ranging and obtain the best stock of birds in each breed to obtain maximum proficiency.


Why Free range

Free range chickens offer health and other benefits, it has higher protein content with lower fat, no hormones or antibiotics. Resulting in safer to eat eggs and meat. With higher protein and lower fat you already have less cholesterol with the meat intake. Same with the free range eggs you have less cholesterol, less saturated fat, 2 times more Omega-3 than with the regular eggs from the supermarket. By only changing your choice of chicken from battery to free range you achieve a healthier way of life. Above this you also cut out the steroid hormonal intake that you would have had eating battery chicken, thus limiting the development of early cancer’s or other health related complications. The main advantage is that the chicken don’t live in an unpleasant environment. These chickens also have a much better taste than your regular chicken.


What is Free range chickens

The definition of free range chickens is that the chicken has access to the outside and free roaming not only artificial elements. They should have the option to roam around outdoors so they experience sunlight, fresh air and can truly forage for food, then occasionally return to the coop to lay eggs or to go and sleep. Also with free range chickens roaming the yard I have notice less critters like grasshoppers, crickets and even snakes around.